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That impish glint in those eyes 
That shy yes ushered in with a blush

What is a marriage without romance
What is romance without some winks, some pinches..

Winks ‘n’ Pinches are wedding storytellers who capture the weddings in their glorious and emotional entirety. Especially those moments that come alive in front of you every time you glance at them, etched in our albums. All the fondness in artsy frames. And we give the whole story a unique character, that of your own. 

Winks 'n Pinches is a mypixels' company, having years of experience in delivering the high most creativity.
Check www.mypixels.in to feast your eyes !

From us..

The Courtship

We believe that this is the period when the chemistry begins, to continue for ever after. We get close to the couple, know their passions, little things that matter to them, their artistic inclinations, their everyday self, and then weave an experience with this knowledge to elicit the real emotions when they start moving into a different phase of their lives.
We capture them falling for each other, with activities that actually mean to them. A little depart from the cliched gimmicks and bringing in more truth, while being high on the quirk and fun, pranks and embraces, bloopers and photobombs, makes it an actual part of their lives, rather than mere photographs and videos.

Needless to say, the beauty and aesthetic standards are kept high.

Deliverables: photographs, videos, social media engagements, teasers for the upcoming events. 

The Ceremonial Beads

The beauty lies in the details. And we have innumerable colors scattered in all the big-small events of importance. No wonder we call them ‘rich’uals, pun intended. They are the platforms where every family member, friend or well wisher share their love, up close with the leading men or women. And this is where they are captured vividly in the story. We make sure that every one gets their due attention, for being so integral to the story.

Rituals are replete with unassuming moments, giving a great harvest to candid captures. Especially at informal events like cocktails.

Deliverables: photographs, videos, social media engagements 

The Big Day

And here it comes. The most awaited sequence of the story. Emotions are heightened, frenzy peaks, a silent countdown is no more silent, they say yes and the marriage is solemnized. Applause. There will be couple’s customary post wedding shoots, family photographs, friends drinking and making merry videos, guests’ dining stills, but with a fresh angle.

The storytelling artistry is at its magical best. We cast every moment in art. We capture the wonder, the exhaustion, the exhilaration, the hues and the notes that seem so perpetual.

We live the moment with you !

Deliverables: photographs, videos, social media engagements 

Aesthetically produced photo and coffee table books

From designs to production, we keep a look at the minutest details to bring the best photo-books to you.

Exclusive merchandise and souvenirs

Coffee Mugs, Lockets, T-Shirts all made to order and to your Preference ofcourse.

Lived on the web - with a dedicated customized site

We like it when you flaunt your love and we can help you do that by creating a custom made website and an android app.

Wedding Branding

Invitations, video invitations, video presentations on wedding day, social media engagements.

Especially composed musical score* 

*Available on Request. Time considerations apply.

Flutter of Artists 

We have at your disposal an assortment of make-up artists, stylist and designers 


50+ Weddings

Award Winning Team

1000+ hours shot

On time is a Good Thing !

Gaurav Mishra

Gaurav Misra is a well-renowned Advertising and Fashion photographer who has been praised and published Nationally and Internationally. His work has been exhibited in a plethora of visual communications ranging from Global Advertising Campaigns of blue chip brands to Modelling Portfolios throughout various Modelling Agencies. He heads the creative team of Wink 'n Pinches

Rajni Jha

Rajni is the one who takes care of the Client Services, Business Development of the mypixels group and all those facts and numbers which makes us cheer year long. She studied film making from leading institute of India and have worked on a number of assignments be it a brand TV commercial or a documentary. In her free time she loves travelling, visits theatres and watch a lot of cinema. She heads the business wing of Winks 'n Pinches.

Mohit Verma

Mohit is Assistant Coummunication Manager with mypixels group and takes care of all communication that keeps the team going. He manages the social accounts and keeps himself busy surfing around :P

Apart from extensive and meticulous planning, we improvise a lot on the go, that spontaneity is our signature. 

Choose liveliness. Choose us!